Happy plant protein drink made from peas

Dairy-free plant protein drink rich with protein, smooth tasting and super nutritious.


Meet Happea!

happy plant-based drink made from protein isolate extracted from dry yellow peas

  • GMO Free

    made without any genetically engineered material and is free from such organisms

  • Contains vitamins

    rich with Vitamins B12 and D3  for your plant-based nutrition

  • Vegan friendly

    V-label certified - contains only plant protein and not any animal derived products

  • Full with minerals

    full with minerals Calcium, Zink and Iron to maintain plant-based diet

Why pea?

It is simple.

Peas are an amazing protein source perfectly grown in European climate.

Full of protein and fiber, keeping fat low and cholesterol - free.

Whom is Happea made for?

Healthy ones
  • High in protein - what Happea is made for.

    Highest protein level in dairy  alternatives.  And it is amazing.

  • We say yes to low sugar!

    We use cane sugar - a high quality, natural sugar produced from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice (instead of rafined sugar) therefore less processed.

  • We say NO to artificial flavours!

    We are going only for natural flavours.

Product founder

More than 23 years ago Happea founder Markus Masin decided to become a doctor the same as his parents. Now more than 23 years later he is doctor, professor and a founder of Happea drink - for many years he has worked in a field of clinical nutrition and diabetology helping pepople with different food intolerances and food allergies to secure the health.

You have to have enough of proteins, vitamins, and micro-ingredients. Prof. Masin decided to help find a better and easier solution of how to get these essential nutrients with food we eat everyday and be healthy.